Alexis Ryan, DC is fully fluent in English and will take great care of your spine.

« Preserve and improve the nervous system functions is the core of Chiropractic care.« 


First exam                                            65€

Regular visit or check-up              55€   

Kids and -16y                                      45€

Opening hours

– Mon                          12h – 19h

– Tue, Wen, Thur     9h – 19h. 

– Fri, Sat                      9h – 12h

About Alexis Ryan, chiropractor

Alexis Ryan graduated from the french Chiropractic college (IFEC) in 2008 with the title of « Doctor of chiropractic ».

After practicing in Spain and Ireland, he settled his practice in Annecy since 2014.

Since then, he follows seminars to enrich his knowledge and master more adjusting technics like Functional Neurology.

Dedicated to spread the word around Chiropractic, he gets involved in outdoor sport events to offer help and advice to sport and nature lovers.

Alexis Ryan, chiropractor in Annecy